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Soldered reeds

Soldered reeds


Blades in soldered reeds are fixed using lead-tin solder. The soldered reeds are used for all types of weaving machines. It is reasonable to apply them while weaving a range of heavy fabrics. The reeds are robust and easy-to-repair.
The life span of soldered reeds is up to 10 years and more.

The soldered reeds are available:

  • with ”П”-shaped pads (fig. 1)
  • without pads (fig. 2)

Soldered reeds

fig. 2


Soldered reeds

Numbers of reeds

Blade width, mm

Working width, m

Overall height, mm

Clear height, mm

15-250 inclusive


to 3,6




We are able to modify a reed design at customer’s request.


Soldered reeds


To purchase soldered reeds, please send us a message or call us.