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Welcome to OOO Inari Bobruisk ’s website

  Our company has being involved in supplies of production tooling used in light industry enterprises for
   over fifteen years.


We are currently an official representative of top range manufactures of production tooling from Russia, Poland, Germany, Turkey and China in the Republic of Belarus.

Our company is ready to offer you products as follows:

- industrial needles and heckle bars for spreadboards, combs for spinning-preparatory machines, spiked plates;

- fly filleting card LB, drum filleting card LSh, cleaning strips, rubber aprons, fluted ribbon for roller wrapping;

- heddle frames, wire clothing, weaving reeds, plate wire healds;

- frame needles, felting needles, steel and plastic travelers, sinkers, needle bars and other parts.

You can find the full product range in our  catalogue .

   Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and you will be provided with all necessary
   details in the shortest possible time.