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Rubber couplings


муфты резиновые купить

Are designed for wool spinners and flax spinning frames TU 17-40-900, TU RSFSR 32-45.

Coupling sizes:

- for wool spinner P-76-ShТ2 116х112х1,1(1.2)mm;

- for drawing box V- 80 116х62х1,1 (1,2)mma;

- combing ones 590х530х3,5mm \ 580х540х3,5mma;

- roving ones (without carcass) 460х145х1,6mm \ 500х145х1,6mma;

- drawing ones for machines such as LMSh-220, LL-1, 2, 3-4, 2LCh-1-LO, Schlumberger type 29. 600х200х3,5mm \ 600х220х3,5mma; 

- Sant’ Andrea Novara, model DRM 490х270х1,6mma;

- ribbon lapping ones 740х290х3,5mma;

- for Tematex machines 1000х210х3,5mm \ 1160х270х3,5 mm;

- Sant’ Andrea Novara, model SE/B; SZ/n;  
- spinning ones for machines  PM-88-L5 - 330х116х1,2mm, PS-100-LO - 490х175х1,6mm, PM-132-PD - 625х65х1,6mm, PS-100-L - 625х220х1,6mm, PS-132-PD - 496х200х2,5. 

Coupling design:

Outer layer – rubber, number V-601. Inner layer – rubber, number I-713. Cotton thread, cotton-lavsan thread and caprone thread 3K are applied as a reinforcing material. 


To purchase rubber couplings, please send us a message or call us.