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ООО Inari Bobruisk


Full name: Obstchestvo s ogranichenoy otvetstvennostyu (Limited Labiality Company) Inari Bobruisk

Short name: ООО (LLC) Inari Bobruisk

Legal address: 213811, Republic of Belarus, Bobruisk, Zapadnaya street, 1D

UNP (payer’s identification number): 790915989

Chief: Alexander Kaktysh,   phone +375 225 780818

Receptionist:   phone: +375 225 780818

                    fax. +375 225 774181

E-mail: inaribobruisk@gmail.com 

Bank address: Bank BelVEB OJSC, Minsk, MFO (bank sorting code) BELBBY2X

SAccount: BY19BELB30120086790970226000 in BYN


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