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Projectiles are made of high-grade alloy steel. A seamless housing as well as a special thermal treatment both ensure a long-term operational stability and exclude a risk of housing cleavage while in operation.


Blind rivets provide a secure spring mounting to the projectile housing and allow to avoid fabric dirtying in the course of operation.


A high-grade finish and along with a fine precision manufacture both assure a machine operational stability at high speeds.


The projectiles are equipped with flat jaw springs and holes in clamping surfaces.


Clamping force, H


Linear density, tex

from 14 up to 18

synthetic silk

up to 25

above 18 up to 22


up to 25

above 22 to 26

cotton flax

up to 70

above 26 to 30


up to 200




It is possible to deliver bodies and grippers separately.

To purchase projectiles, please send us a message or call us.