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Founded in 1998 our company was initially a dealer of Artinsky Mechanical Plant and represented its interests within the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Supplies of sewing needles were a starting point of our business.

In course of our business activity we have expanded a product range and gained the status of the exclusive representative of the largest Russian, European and Chinese manufactures of spare parts and production tooling for light industry enterprises.

We currently supply products to the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, China and EC countries.

Our company is mainly focused on customers’ requirements.

We are open and respectful towards our customers and highly appreciate their customs, traditions and culture.

We have a long-term partnership with our Russian, European and Chinese suppliers; they all are world leaders in their business segment. This allows us to assure handling specific customers’ challenges at the highest level.

Qualified employees build up assets of our company.

Transparency and business integrity are core guidelines of our operations, aimed at a persistent success.