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Jacquard healds

A premier choice of production tooling ensuring both a proper shed opening and a required hook return force provides a proper operation of entire Jacquard machine


Jacquard healds can be optionally supplied with different return elements as follows:

  • metal suspension
  • elastic element
  • spring element

Jacquard healds with metal suspension
are of long-term service, durable, and reliable. They are mainly used for low-speed ordinary looms with high loom fly forming.

Jacquard healds with metal suspension

Jacquard healds with elastic element are used for medium-speed weaving machines as well as weaving high-density fabrics. They are easy maintainable and affordable.

Jacquard healds with elastic element

Jacquard healds with spring element   are optimized for higher requirements at high operating speeds and different loads. They can be manufactured in the modifications as follows: healds with open spring or in loom fly protective housing.

Jacquard healds with spring element


To purchase jacquard healds, please send us a message or call us.